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Westerham Llamas: "A legacy continued."


In the spring of 2017, the former Westerham Farm & Studio, along with the remaining herd of llamas, was purchased from John & Debra McDougall. We continue the legacy of the llama program on this historic site, with the new name of Westerham Llamas. Westerham will continue the legacy of producing award winning llamas with world class genetics. A happy, healthy, and well conformed animal is the goal of our breeding program. With each birthing season we will offer llamas for sale to fit just about any purpose you may need; be it show quality, breeding stock, therapy animals, fiber production, pets, or livestock guardians. 


Westerham is located just outside of Richmond, VA in historic Montpelier, VA. Roaming on a sprawling 100 acres, the llamas continue to adorn the pastures of this whimsical estate. Built in 1734 by British Sea Captain, John Hope, this beautiful historic federal-style brick home still stands as the centerpiece of the farm. Immaculate grounds and gardens surround the home and are known for the largest private collection of Boxwoods in the state.  

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