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Chablis RTC

(Toocoolo RTC x NV's Zensarra)

DOB 06/03/14   ILR#287072 


 We cannot say enough good things about this female. Josh traveled out to the 2017 LFA Sale in Iowa loving the looks and pedigree of Chablis, but once he laid eyes on her we knew she had to come home to Westerham. Rightfully so, that was the same thought of many others that weekend.  Chablis is built like a brick house; very tall, perfectly balanced, straight topline, floating gate, and incredibly square. Once you look past her conformation critique, you have to appreciate her striking silver and white markings, beautiful head and ear set, and elegant femininity. Though large, Chablis is one of our most calm and trusting animals in the herd. All of the above makes her an easy favorite on the farm. Many thanks go to Randy & Tara Cipriano for the opportunity to bring Chablis home. 

*Bred to GNLC Scorcher for Spring 2018

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