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Hard Rock's Cowboy Crush

(Hard Rock Starr x Milani)

DOB 07/02/09   ILR#279307

Our token "plain brown llama," but Crush is so much more. Crush's Dam line is a powerful one; as are most bloodlines which include the famous E-line. Her Dam, Milani, is a daughter of the well known Eskari (daughter of Eskadra) and has proven to be a great producer for both the Gerkens (Hard Rock Llamas, OH) and Jenni Olson (YB Normal Acres, MN).  Sporting a strong upright frame, straight top line,  on four square feet, and a beautifully feminine head and ear set. We are very excited to see what Crush can produce for us, as she has already proven her ability to throw strong conformation on the characteristically stretchy frame that the E-line is known for. It's only an added bonus that Crush is one of the sweetest girls in the herd, always happy  to meet you at the fence for a kiss and a slice of an apple.

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