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PVL Chilean Stars N Spots 

(PVL Beyond Belief  x PVL A Star Is Born)

DOB  06/04/09  ILR#279172

When Josh began to build the Westerham Llamas herd in mid 2017, we decided to put an emphasis on acquiring strong females with proven production abilities and Spots fits that bill perfectly. Once you get over her beautiful appy spots and towering size you have to appreciate her stellar production; two cria and both Best of Shows out of two very different paternal bloodlines.  Beyond Belief was a powerful male and awesome producer, his progeny is limited and highly sought after. Her pedigree consist of some of the most accomplished show animals the Laux's ever had. A combination of all of the above contributed to all the attention and interest Spots brought during the PVL Sale and inquiries are still coming now that we have her here.  Spots pedigree is chocked full of champions and we are excited to see what she can produced when paired with any of our Herdsires here at Westerham. This gal  is nicely conformed and has the structures breeders are proud to walk into the show ring. A funny personality, keeps to herself, but very easy to handle and a real joy to have around. We are very fortunate for the opportunity add this female to our foundation herd and very proud to call Westerham her home.  

*Exposed to Champagner for Fall 2018.

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